Salt Lake Gaming Con Wrap Up Part 2

Conventions such as Salt Lake Gaming Con is an event for those in the industry to learn, network, and exchange ideas with their colleagues and showcase new games. While many of the major cons in North American are tailored for AAA blockbusters, SLGC fits a niche for indies. was there to cover the event and to gain some insight from professionals in the industry. We found a slew of titles that were incredibly fun to play and gorgeous to look at. This years Salt Lake Gaming Con was a blast, so you know we’re already looking forward to the 2020 edition of the show. 

Floating Wonderland by Rina

We talked to Rina a little bit about their game, Floating Wonderland. Sure there are a few Sonic throwbacks, but mostly multiple characters, changing gravity, and incredibly dynamic levels. Click here for the full interview website on twitter 

Mechromancy by Kaltin Kirby and his team.

We saw the three player space mech mining vs. giant bugs adventure. All the while touching a shocking lightning ball in real life game, Mechromancy. Click here for the full interview

The Final Funktier by Andrew and crew

We played this amazing rhythm game with an arcade sensibilities and turntable controls. We fought for a high score. Click here for the full interview twitter more here at itch, including download!

Airwaves by Markus and crew at Airwaves Industries

We got an explanation of the amazing cabinet/spy game/TV experience/puzzler “Airwaves” from Markus. Click here for the full interview website, watch trailer and have your mind blown

*Interviews/content provided by Vourtron, Falchionbot & Dagobot