Salt Lake Gaming Con Wrap Up Part 3

Salt Lake Gaming Con is a place for developers to connect and share learnings. It’s not like PAX in that it isn’t overwhelming to ALL of your senses, and it’s also less consumer-facing than E3. While that means there are fewer big reveals, it’s plenty interesting for other reasons. It serves as an ultra important event of the year for the army of engineers, artists, and businesspeople who make up the video game industry: a hub of networking, showcases, and creative reflection. After a couple of days learning from industry experts and meeting new people, these are a few of the panel highlights during our time at the Salt Lake Gaming Con.

Beat Your Backlog: Tips and tools for mastering your library

Many gamers and collectors have faced an ongoing issue: How do I deal with my growing game backlog? First world problems, I know. I enjoy playing video games and play nearly every day. Are you ashamed about your backlog, don’t be! *Sidenote- Backlog always wins. We will never reach the end of our backlogs. Click here for the audio of the entire panel:

Nerdcore a.k.a. Creative Electronica

Have you ever craved hip-hop that catered to your nerdy needs? Do you like DIY electronica? What about DJ RoboRob? Click here to listen to musicians talk about musics:

Modern retro games: The comeback of the new retro

Most of the time when we see large pixels in 8- or 16-bit graphics we might thing “That’s retro. However, with new classics like The Messenger, Undertale & Shovel Knight there are plenty of stellar RPG’s, SHMUPS, side scrollers, dungeon crawlers and metroidvanias. The panelists talk about the resurgence of classic style games and where they go from here:

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