Salt Lake Gaming Con Wrap Up Part 1

Salt Lake City Gaming Con turned the Salt Palace Convention Center into arcades, virtual-reality playgrounds, live-action roleplaying dungeons and competitive fighting game tournament arenas. In other rooms, panels feature personalities podcasting live, streamers discussing their craft and psychoanalysts dissecting. In its fifth year, SLGC still lives up to its promise of being a show primarily for fans and gamers. Some of the most interesting games and concepts were scattered around on the show floor. Independent developers prove time and again that their market is not only resilient but ripe with innovation. Think punk rock but for video games. Locals who offer insight on the life of independent game development in the Salt City and we were lucky enough to speak to some of these creators this past weekend. 

Sono by Emily and the crew at Chillswitch games

We talked to Emily about the meditative Sono, where actions unlock soundtrack accompaniments and on to the next beautiful area. Listen to the interview! then check the links for more. Click for the full interview  facebook  website

Bearded Dragons by Greg Bayles

The amazing Greg Bayles told us all about games with big messages for small groups of people with the drag brawler, Bearded Dragons. Listen to the interview, then check the links! Click for the full interview website facebook

Keridwen by Steven Lambert.

Steven was showing the amazing Keridwen, in the classic genre, “warehouse pusher” game– no warehouse, just witches, at SLGC. We talked about his obsession with games that teach you how to play them. Listen to the interview! Then click the link to play it. Click for the full interview  play it here!

Primitive by Gary Hansen

We talked to Gary about the wonderful Primitive, the experience. Listen to the interview and be amazed. Then keep tabs on this link. Click for the full interview on itch. Just a primate exhibit game for now!

*Interviews/content provided by Vourtron, Falchionbot & Dagobot