Spiel ’13: Trying out new games: Trix

One of the new games I tried out at Spiel 2013 this weekend in Essen is Trix, a word game from Porcupine Press. Here, I learned how to play the game from the creator of Trix, Jack Hanauer.

Trix is a game of finding creative ways to describe a set of words on the board, and then having the other players correctly guess which combination fits your shorter description. After trying it out on the first day of the convention, it became our first buy! While the focus is on coming up with clever ways to name a trio of cards on the board, a lot of the fun is based on figuring out what the other players probably mean with their abbreviated descriptions.

Visit Porcupine Press online at http://www.porcupinepress.co.uk to find out where you can get Trix in the UK, USA or Germany. Trix is for three to six players, ages 10+, and takes about a half hour to play. It is available in both English and German language versions.

Trix game box