‘Out of ConTXT’ Game Previewed at Salt Lake Comic Con

One of the highlights of any convention is finding something new and cool. This time at Salt Lake Comic Con, I discovered a brand new party game, made by some awesome people.

Out of ConTXT takes the premise of Cards Against Humanity, and amps it up – instead of using a hand of cards to best (or worst) answer a subject, you use what’s on your phone: text messages, photos, songs, etc. Just check out the video interview I did with Jason Wild, one of the game’s makers.


Made by Quick Wits Comedy, a Utah-based improv comedy troupe, Out of ConTXT comes in three sets so far: a base set; After Dark, which is a bit more adult; and a Geek Deck, which is more geeky themed, and started as a SLCC exclusive. You can also see more cards online on the Out of ConTXT facebook page and more info at the Quick Wits Games site.

I haven’t gotten to play a full game with friends yet, but I did try it out for a few rounds with some pals at SLCC and we had a blast, and it definitely led to “tell us why that message ended up on your phone!” conversations. So if you’re tired of getting the same old clunker cards when you play Cards Against Humanity, it’s time to whip out your phone and play a new game.

The game is still in its infancy (ie beta test) so get in on it at the ground floor! It’s pretty awesome.