Event: The Big Shiny Podcast LIVE!

Five years ago, a handful of us from here at Big Shiny Robot decided to get together and start a geeky podcast. The thought process went something like, “We all sit around and drink beer and talk about comics, movies, toys, and video games – we should record this!” and off we went – the Big Shiny Podcast was born. A few hundred episodes, and a few “reboots” and “retoolings” later, we are still at it. Drinking and swearing our way through all the goings-ons in the geeky world of movies, television, video games, and collectibles; peppered with personal anecdotes and inappropriate jokes, of course.

We get so much great interaction from our fans, whether that be running into you at local geek-centric events, or getting shout-outs from you on social media, we appreciate the nods, handshakes, and mentions of inside jokes. We enjoy all of your company so much, we decided it is time for us to “do it live” and give all of you the chance to join in on the conversations, heckle us, and ask us those burning questions you haven’t been able to while listening to the show in your car.

The most excellent folks at The Club at 50 West have given us the opportunity to put on a live show of the Big Shiny Podcast. We couldn’t ask for a better venue; the atmosphere is fantastic, the food is great, the adult beverages are in ample supply, and the management and staff are just amazing.

Friday, August 28th is the date we will take the stage for our first official live show at The Club at 50 West. The doors will open at 7:00pm and Tyson, Lucas, Tom, Jimmy, and Kiley will all be there mingling and drinking before the show starts at 8:00pm – so come early to say “Hi” and hang out with the fellas, meet some other awesome local geeks, buy us a beer, maybe we will buy you a beer!

The show will start at 8:00pm, and run for roughly an hour or so. The panelists will be talking about some of the latest geek news and sharing some personal geek stories, with swears. Also, don’t be surprised if a certain religion centered around round, cheesy goodness gets brought up. There will be time for some Q & A and audience interaction as well, so bring those burning questions! After the show, hang out to mingle and drink some more!

This is a FREE event, so bring all of your friends for a great night of entertainment, and use that extra money you saved on free entry to enjoy some of the amazing food and drink 50 West offers at the adjoining Cafe and in the Club during the show! Please be aware: If you are UNDER 21, you must be accompanied by someone that is 21+ (this doesn’t have to be a guardian or spouse, anyone 21+ accompanying you will suffice).

We hope to see many of you Utah-locals there for our geeky event! As a reminder, you can catch the latest episode of the Big Shiny Podcast on iTunes (Please leave us a rating and review!). And a big thank you to The Club at 50 West for having us, and of course a big thank you the sponsor of the BSPC, The Bohemian Brewery!

We will see you all on August 28th!

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