Gadgets to Transform Your Home into a Sci-Fi Worthy Pad

This guest post by Kyle Peterson.

We live in an age of smart technology, where intuitive and remote control devices enable citizens to retain greater control of their lifestyles and appliances. This technology is also impacting on the ‘sell house fast’ market, where home-owners are able to modernise their properties in a bid to increase resale value and appeal to a broader demographic of buyers. There is a growing range of smart devices available to modern home-owners, each of which has its own unique purpose and merit in the modern age. With this in mind, here are some of the most popular modern devices and their purpose in the home.

Transparent Television

The transparent TV is a relatively new concept, and one that has been designed by Michael Friebe. This unique and revolutionary piece of technology combines conventional LCD features with the very latest TOLED display mechanisms, creating a visually stunning picture and a prominent focal point for the home. These combined technologies also create non-transparent pictures with intense colour reproduction, alongside a full contrast range from solid black to pristine white. If you want a truly modern living room, this product is ideal for you!

The Smoke Detector Wall Clock

The concept of multipurpose appliances and accessories is extremely popular in the modern age, especially in compact, new-build homes where space is at a premium. This is the theory that underpins the uniquely designed smoke detector wall clock, which not only serves a dual purpose but also adds a genuine sense of style to your home. It also solves the issue of unattractive and cumbersome smoke alarms, which can often undermine the aesthetic or design ethos that you are trying to showcase throughout your property.

The Lumen Smart Bulb

If there is one product that embodies smart technology, it is this one. The Lumen Smart Bulb is an energy-efficient and functional light fitting that can be controlled remotely through your smartphone, while also boasting a standard, screw-in fitting and up to 30 times the durability of a traditional bulb. It also uses five times less power than a standard light bulb or fitting, and incredibly can alternate between up 16 million shades of colour. Whether you are Eco-conscious or simply want to increase the resale value of your home, this is a functional and ultimately cost-effective tool.