GIVEAWAY: ‘After the Dark’ DVDs and Soundtracks

We are extremely fortunate to have some really generous sponsors who have provided us with some cool prizes for all you lucky readers! “After the Dark” hits theatres in limited release this Friday, but thanks to them, five of you are going to win a DVD and soundtrack of the movie almost immediately after. Not only that, but five runners-up will win the soundtrack.

What starts as an experiment, turns into a desperate fight for survival, when a group of twenty college students must determine which ten of them are worthy to take shelter underground and reboot the human race. Live or Die, Survive or Perish with the new thought-provoking film “After the Dark”. 

 “After the Dark” stars James D’Arcy (“Master & Commander) and Bonnie Wright (“Harry Potter”), premiered at the Neuchatel International Film Festival and is currently sitting at a fantastic 82% on the aggregate review site Rotten Tomatoes..

Entering is extremely easy. All you have to do is recommend this contest on Facebook and then send an email to ADAM@BIGSHINYROBOT.COM letting me know you’ve done this. The contest will run from 2/07-2/16, and I will contact the ten winners with their codes on 2/17.

I’ve included the trailer below and be sure to check it out in theatres during its limited run or download it on iTunes.