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The Playstation 5, Sony’s next-generation game console, is due to launch this holiday season. On June 4th, Sony held an hour long online event. They gave us our first look at the new console and we found out that It will come in two different editions: one with a disc drive for physical media and one without. While I can’t unsee the Stormtrooper slash art deco aesthetic of the outside, it really is all about the hardware inside the PS5. It will include a powerful GPU and an eight-core AMD chipset for processing. Sony’s Mark Cerny notes that it will feature ray tracing, an advanced lighting technique currently only seen in powerful PC gaming machines. Some have even seen Unreal Engine 5 gameplay running on the system, and though it was not of a full game, the technical specifications of the system mean we would be approaching photorealism in some games.

In my opinion, consoles are only as good as it’s library and since the PS2/Xbox days this has been the case. It doesn’t matter how powerful the system is if there’s nothing worth playing on it. The biggest ‘pro’ for me is that in a single hour video they showed least three different kinds of genre games that were console exclusive. That justifies the PS5’s worth. Again, whats the point of buying ANY console on day one if there’s no variety or nothing worth playing available at launch.

I think the following will be available from the jump…

Ratchet & Clank: A Drift Apart.

These games come out way too infrequently for how stupid good fun they are. A game all about dimensional rifts breaking and it’s NOT a crossover game? I’m sure they can still wiggle in a space for Ratchet to come out a portal and knock right into Nathan Drake as both are being thrown by an explosion into a cliff face where they will have a jovial unnaturally casual conversation while navigating obvious handholds. This is my system seller.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales

Insomniac’s new stand alone game or expandalone adventure. Yeah, the more I think about this Spider-Man reveal, the more it kind of breaks my brain. In a good way. Adding raytracing and better textures for a medium-length game at a discounted price with way better production values. And no loading. AND Miles Morales. Hell, “Full story arc” or $40 for an 8-10 hour campaign…I’m pre-ordering it.

Gran Turismo 7

This HAS to be a launch title. Gameplay clips floating on the web shows that fan favorite tracks like Trial Mountain have returned. I’m hoping they bring back Seattle Circuit and Grand Valley Speedway myself. The main navigation screen actually mirrors that of Gran Turismo 4, a clear break from the layout of the more modern versions. Has anyone spotted a section to buy used cars? Give me a terrible FIAT 500 and I’m sold.

Not sure on when the following will be dropping for the system, however there was no shortage of creativity on display with the indie games and other AAA titles. Definitely loved the overall diversity of games, and how each felt just as important and fleshed out tried and true IP’s: Deathloop looked great…at least year’s E3. I don’t know what this was, but I want them to go back a year and make the game they showed there, instead. I thought it was going to be a more personal experience and there’d be less other people but this gameplay trailer looked very action oriented and fast paced. I have total faith in Arkane Studios. Kena: Bridge of Spirits kind of reminds me of one of my favorite forgotten PS3 gem’s Folklore (I would kill for a sequel to that IP). This looks like it could be a lot of fun. Ghostwire: Tokyo looks amazing. I am ready for the spooky/creepy/grossie enemies and really dig the glitchy aesthetic. Can’t wait to hadouken some ghosts. Returnal caught my eye despite its silly name. It seems to be an Edge of Tomorrow/All You Need Is Kill action adventure title. In any case, it looks GD amazing and I am ready to dive right in. Pragmata oozes with Dead Space’s vibe what the heck, especially the how the suit looks and sounds. Solar Ash was the highlight from me. Anything Heart Machine does is worth checking out. I really loved the music and sound design of Hyper Light Drifter. This one looks to be set in the same universe . It’s probably in the future or the past.

As for cost for the Playstation 5…I’m preparing for worst. This tech don’t come cheap.

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