‘God Of War’ Cast Interview

Video games rival Hollywood blockbusters. This shouldn’t be a shock to anyone in 2018. As the budgets have increased, the technology used in these games has become more sophisticated and the storytelling more complex. Using performance-capture technology, directors of these epic tales can record the performers movements and physical actions and digitally recreate them in the game. However, even with the highest of the high tech, poor acting or chemistry will break immersion far more quickly than bad graphics. Casting the right actor for the role is lightning in a bottle. What makes a voice unique is that it is genuinely human. It connects with people on a deep level.

This past weekend at Salt Lake Gaming Con, I was fortunate enough to moderate a panel with the God of War cast: Danielle Bisutti, Christopher Judge, Robert Craighead & Jeremy Davies. Chemistry is indefinable, but you know it when you see it and I really think in this case, you can hear it.

Click the link for the full interview.



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