The Wizeguy: An Interview with Kurt Farquhar

The thing that I love about television or film scores is that when you leave the theatre or turn off the TV, you can still sound out the themes and relive what you had just seen without even watching it. The music lives on it’s own. There’s something mysterious about composing music. While many of us will have hummed a tuneless ditty absently in the shower or whistled while we work, few can build a coherent melody and harmony around that, score the thing for a full orchestra and employ it to bring to life the subtext of story. For that, you need a composer both talented and trained – which is where Kurt Farquhar comes in.

Kurt Farquhar has spent decades creating some of the most unique and indelible scores for television and film. He has provided the scores for shows including ‘The King Of Queens’, ‘Moesha’, ‘Being Mary Jane’ & the CW’s new hit new series, ‘Black Lightning.’ Possessing the ability to deliver both the loud and quiet musical passages with force and grace, Kurt experiments outside the box with unorthodox orchestration and instrumentation. His work on ‘Black Lightning’ shows yet another transformation for this accomplished musician. I had a chance to speak with the Los Angeles based composer recently. Clink the link below & enjoy!