‘Power Rangers’ Parody, ‘Mystic Cosmic Patrol’ Premiers August 24

From creator Gavin Hignight (Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) comes a new series lovingly lampooning the legacy of the Power Rangers.

Mystic Cosmic Patrol takes the familiar world of the Power Rangers and turns it on its head. Instead of a lovable team of fortune-favored teenagers, we’re given a team of dysfunctional adults who save the world from mystical monsters between bouts of in-fighting and drinking.

The series stars Chris Masterson (Malcom in the Middle), Chris Candy (Bar America), John Kassir (Tales from the Crypt), Tim Jo (Pitch), Gavin Hignight, and Tim Russ (Star Trek: Voyager) as Gargan (read: Zordon).

The pilot episode, premiering August 24, has the team fighting among themselves over the ethics of reprogramming a robot, robbing it of its unique personality, in order to make it a cool bartender. Meanwhile, the evil Rutina hatches a dastardly plan to do away with the Mystic Cosmic Patrol once and for all (despite at least one wonderful night with their leader at an intergalactic brothel). Rutina dispatches her most wicked monster to date, Potty Mouth, a sentient toilet who sprays bacteria at the Patrol, making them ill.

Only one ranger is immune to Potty Mouth’s effects, having increased her blood alcohol level to dangerously high levels, rendering the bacteria inert in her system. The episode features mature language/situations and some over-the-top and hilarious projectile vomiting. Mystic Cosmic Patrol is absolutely not safe for children but will have the child inside you giggling with glee.

Check out this exclusive click of the show and make sure to tune in on August 24, don’t be a losertron.