‘Mr Robot’ S03 E06 ‘kill-pr0cess.par2’

Halfway there already? Really?

Part of the ‘Mr. Robot’ narrative has always been how creator Sam Esmail originally started writing the project as a feature film, before realizing at a certain point that it would work better as a TV show. Esmail stated this past week that the events within ‘kill-pr0cess.par2’ would have been the midpoint of his feature.

Let me try and recap these events.

So now we got a full fledged massive terrorist attack on American soil. After 5/9 this lack of safety just going to tank everything, isn’t it? Why does Whiterose need this much chaos.

The benefactor Angela’s mother spoke about – that must’ve been Whiterose, right? Elliot’s father convinced Angela to talk to her mother using Back to the Future. And her mother promised her what Whiterose did – another world where they are together. So Angela from childhood was primed for believing in changing the past and creating new, better timeline. And giving Elliot a little push in the right direction when he needs it. So she helps Mr Robot to push Elliot over the line on the Revolution. But of course the issue is who decides which way to push. And she’s so committed to the cause now that she cuts of Elliot and ignores Darlene. She believes only in Whiterose now. Like she believed the building was evacuated. What about all the other buildings? What are you going to tell Mr. Alderson now, Angela? (But I loved the visual of Angela and Darlene mirroring each other in their stand off.)

Darlene told Elliot the truth and he felt betrayed by both of them but while Darlene apologizes Angela shows no remorse. She cuts Elliot out. He doesn’t cut Darlene out – instead he gives her what he knows about Tyrell knowing it will go straight to FBI. After all that’s not the first person he let law enforcement clean-up for him.

I kept being afraid for Darlene. She was protected so Dark Army didn’t kill her for becoming FBI informant just made sure she knew nothing to connect to them but sooner or later something like this was bound to happen and I was worried that her immunity wasn’t good enough. That if Elliot was no longer necessary for their plans she might be considered to outlived her usefulness too. I know fandom has it ships but the only thing I care about is Elliot and Darlene being fine and on talking terms at the end.

You have a leak in your team Dom. Don’t take it on Darlene. She got you further then you know by doing it her way and telling Elliot the truth. And despite your boss running the interference you got your man. And yes, Darlene, kept Angela’s involvement from you but you already know about Angela you just don’t know how deep in she is. Or how late Tyrell was to the whole thing. Or that neither is behind this thing. It’s much bigger than this. And you are safer for it.

I thought Dark Army was going to kill Tyrell once his usefulness expired but Irving didn’t shoot him. He just gave him some documents and let him stage being imprisoned. But I too did wonder if those documents show Joanna is dead and the kid is lost and how they used him and that’s why Tyrell tried to warn FBI? Or was he just following the script so like Angela he can get back all that he lost?

Last episode Elliot was just glitching sound. Now it was his (?) vision too. His fight for control with Mr. Robot no longer comes with treats and guns or trying to talk Elliot out of his ideas. Now he just takes over…to sabotage Elliot sabotaging him. But all that fight for control was for nought. Elliot didn’t stop the documents from destruction. He didn’t stop the deaths. Dark Army already knew about the re-routing and they planned over it. Remember that talk when Tyrell said he had an idea how to deal with Elliot’s re-routing documents? Well, I suppose this was it. And the whole HMS thing was to distract Elliot so how couldn’t stop real plan and now the body count is much higher than that one building in New York.

But the part with Elliot basically doing cartoon character hitting himself were Looney Toons hilarious (although he should probably go to hospital to check for concussions). And it may backfire on Dark Army if Elliot and Mr. Robot are on the same side again and will start working together against them.

Whiterose is enjoying her victory, so smug and self satisfied. Talking with Price like he would get what he wanted and they could be friends again while waiting for him to lose it all. It almost seems personal now.

‘Mr. Robot’ is the most groundbreaking TV show since the Sopranos. The later introduced the concept of the anti-hero. ‘Mr. Robot’ has introduced the concept of nothing being easily explained within an episode. Relying on each piece of information over many years like pointillism dots that show a picture when finished. Like the the Sopranos, neither works without a rare acting talent at its heart. It is said that James Gandolfini could act through his eyes. Rami Malek does the same. Even better. I could try and predict what happens in the second half of the movie. But that is a fool’s errand. it is best to accept Sam Esmail as your God now. 


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