New ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Season 2 Trailer

Dave Filoni must have taken George Lucas’s classic direction to heart when he was working on the second half of season two of “Star Wars Rebels” because this looks decidedly faster and more intense than anything we’ve seen on the show before. And the stakes seem higher than they’ve ever been.

There are a thousand things to notice and I’m going to point out the biggest highlights here:

  1. Unless I’m mistaken, that’s Matt Lanter voicing Darth Vader’s inner-monologue
  2. Are those Jedi Temple guards fighting the Inquisitors?
  3. Is that hooded figure Darth Maul and voiced by Sam Witwer?
  4. Yoda is back, in the flesh and presumably voiced by Frank Oz
  5. Is that a Sith temple? Are we going to dive deeper into the lore of the Dark Side? 
  6. Are those Sith holocrons?
  7. Hera’s father Cham is making a return!
  8. Ahsoka and Vader are getting closer and closer to their standoff
  9. Why does Ezra have a cross-guarded lightsaber like Kylo Ren? Ties to Snoke?
  10. Is that James Arnold Taylor I heard in a very “Plo Koon” like voice?

This trailer was incredibly emotional. After three viewings I’m still wiping tears away.

The first episode from this half of the season airs on Disney XD on January 20th and features the animated debut of Princess Leia Organa.