Bored As Hell Podcast Episode 25

Good dramas and a naughty comedy last week! Andy (Citizen-Bot) really liked “Secret in Their Eyes” but saved his highest praise for “Spotlight” which was a fair, accurate and horrifying look at the abuse scandals in Boston decades ago. “Spotlight” was the must-see movie of the week! And after you’re done being depressed, check out “The Night Before” which is a raunchy stoner comedy that Adam thoroughly enjoyed, although you’ll definitely want to leave the kids at home.

And to round things out, Andy and Adam started the countdown to “Force Awakens!” Each week, they will discuss one movie in the series and explain the good, the bad, the ugly and the amazing in each one. To finish on time, they had to take the prequels as a group, so be sure to stick around until the end for their honest, and possibly surprising, thoughts on what did or didn’t make them great.

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