Big Shiny Podcast Episode 120: Iron Fisted

This episode features TomTysonNickLucas, and Jon

Is there TomFlix customer service? Let’s talk about Iron Fist! Lucas and Tyson haven’t watched it, and Nick didn’t finish it. Jon finished it in 48 hours and it was a trial of patience. Tom flip flops on his opinion of Iron Fist. Fight scenes with tons of cuts = not a great actor. Iron Fist is the worst of the series so far. All the plots and characters that aren’t Danny Rand are worth watching. It ties together the Defenders universe…hold on I literally had to pause the podcast because Jon said he didn’t like Krysten Ritter’s Jessica Jones? BRB I need to go on a walk to cool off.

OK I’m back.

Kong talk! Spoiler alert: the gorilla is actually normal sized, the people are shrunk. It was funny, evenly paced, Jon considered it a perfect film. Not his favorite, but well put together. Actual spoilery talk about Kong so tune out for a bit if you haven’t seen it, Rebecca.

The guys talk (again) about how going to theaters sucks and the future of the movie-going experience.

Jon and Tyson try to explain Legion and no one knows what happened in the show, despite having watched it all. Consensus: Great show, no idea what happened in it.

Not a joke, first episode of season 3 of Rick and Morty premiered on April 1! So much Rick and Morty talk!

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