‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Full Teaser Trailer

Between yesterday’s teaser and this extended teaser, our knowledge of Solo: A Star Wars Story has increased 200%. 

We know that Han, at one point, attempts to join the Imperial Academy, but is the instance we’re seeing in the film genuine? Or part of a con job? We also know that he’s been on the streets since he was ten years old running scams, further tying his background to Rey’s, thematically. 

We’ve also been given the character name for Emilia Clarke’s character. Qi’ra. What role she plays is unclear. 

It also seems as though Chewie and Han are already well acquainted in the film, so maybe we won’t be seeing their first meeting. Or maybe it’s all a bit of misdirection. In any case, the movie looks exciting and fun, which are the only two things I needed for this film.

Alden Ehrenreich himself seems to have inhabited the role with aplomb. He looks casual and easygoing; effortless. And I feel like that’s exactly what the role needed.

But the action is incredible here. Not just the speeder chase, but that race through a maw cluster of some kind, chased by TIE fighters is nothing short of breathtaking. The Falcon knocked that TIE right out of the sky. It’s also apparent that this isn’t exactly the Falcon we’re used to. Han’s made a lot of…special modifications…over the years. The radar dish is different. 

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