Anthony Daniels Signed for More ‘Star Wars’

In an interview with the UK’s the Mirror, Anthony Daniels revealed that he would be reprising his role as See-Threepio in Star Wars: Episode VIII” and “Star Wars: Episode IX.”

From their interview:

“I’ve signed up for the next two films, 8&9. I’ll have to do those two otherwise I’ll have a mouse at the door and they’ll arrest me.”

There was a bit of consternation that “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” would be a “passing of the torch” film for the original cast, but it seems as though Threepio at least will get more time in the spotlight. This news, while not officially confirmed by Lucasfilm, comes as no surprise, knowing that Artoo and Threepio are the main “point of view” side characters for the saga.

The rest of the article is a recap of his career as a full-time Threepio and small tidbits about “The Force Awakens.” He seemed most taken with Harrison Ford.

“I thought the first read-through would be a nightmare,” smiles Anthony. “But it was gorgeous. It was as though we had just walked off the set of Episode VI (1984’s Return of the Jedi) and into Episode VII.

“Harrison was just brilliant, he just made me smile – I’m smiling at the memory. He’s 72 but still got the charm, the charisma.”

Although I’m not planning on asking him any questions about films he’s signed an NDA for as a courtesy, I’ll be interviewing Anthony Daniels this weekend and you’ll be able to listen to the audio eventually on Full of Sith, so we’ll see if he says anything else about the new films.

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” hits theatre screens December 18, 2015 in the United States.