‘Venom’ Trailer

Months ago we got our first look at Sony’s Venom. The short clip left many a fan feeling skeptical at Sony’s second attempt to realize the character after Spider-Man 3.

Today we got the first real trailer for the upcoming film, slated for October of this year. We see Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) a reporter sleuthing out nefarious goings on within his city. Hardy seems somehow vulnerable, stepping into situations he isn’t prepared to handle, approached by someone from the Life Foundation who makes him aware of symbiotes. There are allusions to tragic human testing and Brock accidentally comes into contact with the organism from elsewhere.

He takes on a passenger within his own mind, the otherwordly entity, Venom. While he battles corporate entities bent on hiding the mistakes they’ve made, Brock seems an unwitting and unwilling participant in a situation well outside his kenning. He tries to direct the entity inside him.

If you’re going to stay, you will only hurt bad people.

Venom, however, sees things another way. “The way I see it,” it says “we can do whatever we want.” The Brock/Venom partnership seems a character of two minds and bodies. While Brock attempts simply to escape those who pursue him, Venom takes a more aggressive approach in putting an end to what ails them. The balance of Hardy’s vulnerability with Venom’s aggression promises an interesting dynamic that will not only redefine the character but show us a side of Hardy we’ve not yet seen.

That relationship overwhelms what appear to be some moderately cheesy action moments (Brock flying off his motorcycle and pulling back via symbiote appendage) and hints at a movie that just might have something worthwhile to offer. Despite their ridiculous pronunciation of SIM-BYE-OAT.