Interview: Ed Piskor – ‘X-Men: Grand Design’

The X-Men franchise can be intimidating to jump into. I mean, with all of that iconic history where does one begin without a guide of some sort or a mainlined wikipedia page and time. Let me introduce you to X-Men: Grand Design by Ed Piskor. Taking inspiration and building off of what came before, Ed has remixed what already exists in his own way.

Think of it in terms of sampling if you will. Flipping a sample means altering it substantially, rather than just inserting it into your song intact. For example, Top Billin’ by Audio Two famously flips the drum break from Impeach the President by the Honey Drippers — the sample is sliced up into its constituent hits and played back out of order, producing a very different rhythm from the original. It is a force-of-nature technique and when it comes to X-Men, Ed is a talented and influential “producer.”

If you don’t already have this title in your hold- PLEASE call your local comic retailer and get it added, ASAP. It is that good. The art is gorgeous and it is filled with an almost unbelievable amount of panaché in the best way possible. We got a chance to speak to Ed recently about the success of X-Men: Grand Design – click the link below and enjoy!

Grand Design: 1 & 2