SaltCON Interview

SaltCON officially starts this afternoon up at the University Of Utah, at the Fort Douglas Officer’s Club, featuring an array of table games. From board to role playing to card decks and more, beta games and unreleased titles, all the way to latest editions of current favorites with tournaments and demos to play. All for you to check out today and tomorrow. One of the convention’s organizers sat down to chat with City Weekly‘s Gavin Sheehan to talk about the event and the happenings. Plus, they mention opportunities to volunteer!

Gavin’s Underground interview about SaltCON

Gavin: For those who don’t know, what is SaltCON?

Dave: SaltCON is a convention for those interested in playing board games. We also host a yearly game competition called the “Ion Award” for unpublished and newly-published game designers. Those who attend have the opportunity to find like-minded individuals and families who enjoy learning games and sharing their passion for games together. Many different game publishers attend, too, and those who come to SaltCON have the opportunity to purchase (or win through one of our many free drawings) the newest and most popular games. Also, we often have designers of newly-published games in attendance who can demonstrate their new games to interested people. SaltCON is, most importantly, two days of FUN!

Gavin: This year, who will you have on board for game demos, and are there any particular games you’re looking forward to seeing?

Dave: This year, we have Sean MacDonald presenting his game “Pastiche” (published by FRED Distribution) and Alf Seegert sharing his game “Trollhalla” (published by Z-Man Games) with us. In fact, the president of FRED Distribution is personally attending the convention so as to be present for the world-wide release of “Pastiche” at SaltCON! Other games being demonstrated include, “Bellicose Fantasy Battles” (Sanity Studios), “Crokinole” (Mayday Games), “Feast & Famine” (Good Knight Games), and “Magic: The Gathering” (Hastur Games & Hobbies).