SaltCON 2014 Is This Weekend

SaltCON is almost here and the competitive spirit of future attendees is rising to the occasion. In addition to their enthusiasm, there will be a good number of amateur game developers looking for their big break. Every year the SaltCON allows game designers with unpublished games to enter the ION award competition. Game designers are required to submit their game with pictures and rules to the judges of the SaltCON Ion Award. Judges range from professional play-testers and designers to store-owners and even game publishers. From all of those submissions some finalists are selected to show their game to potential publishers at the 2014 SaltCON. The Ion Award is a wonderful opportunity to get feedback for tuning an in-development game as well as to see the greatest unpublished games out there.  

Submissions are closed for this year but it wouldn’t be a bad idea for any would be game developers to attend SaltCON and learn about the theories and practices behind successful and up and coming games. The finalists for this year’s convention can be found here and examples of past winners can be found on SaltCON’s site here. After you’ve had a look at this year’s finalists and past winners you’ll understand that they’re from a pretty varied game type background. If you have an idea for a game and don’t know how to execute it, SaltCON is the convention you need to attend this year. That’s just one of the events going on this year though, as the convention is mainly about games, gaming, and gaming with other gamers.

If you’re the competitive type, or even looking for a fun game for your weekend get-togethers, SaltCON is still a place you’ll want to be this weekend. Big Shiny Robot is looking to give-away some tickets to the Convention this weekend (March 28th-30th). If you have free plans and have yet to buy your SaltCON 2014 tickets, please find this article on our Facebook page and leave a comment with what you plan on doing if you win tickets to SaltCON. While you’re there, please like our Facebook page if you haven’t already and be sure to like the SaltCON page as well.

SaltCON ION Award

To win tickets to this event, please leave a comment on this Facebook post about why you want to go to SaltCON 2014. Winners will be chosen at random from the comments on Facebook.