Salt Con 2014 is Here

Local residents of the Wasatch front who have been hankering for some traditional gaming rejoice because the end of this month is SaltCON. We bots are like the human species in that we love to game. The traditional game night has been largely replaced by video gaming but not when it comes to socializing. Sure there have been some great party games for game consoles in recent years, but for conversation and gritty competitiveness, nothing beats traditional gaming. That being said, traditional gaming is boring if the only games you’ve been exposed to are Chess, Checkers, Uno, Go Fish, Scrabble and Monotony (AKA Monopoloy). What’s more is that those interesting games you’ve seen on display at a comic shop, game shop or a Barnes and Noble can be quite expensive.

No one wants to get home with a complex game no one is going to enjoy that costs well over fifty dollars. SaltCON attendees are exposed to all kinds of games for social scenarios of all varieties. There are games for fantasy fans, card game fans, fans of traditional board games or table-top and even some you can play while drinking. The vendors and fellow attendees bring out the big guns and demo them for the interested. Playing a game, especially with someone that can teach you the rules, is a great way to find out if the cash you’re thinking of ponying up will be worth it. You can also find a game or set of games that you know your group of friends and family will enjoy for years to come.

For those that are competitive SalCON will be hosting events like tournaments and casual throw downs. If you’re the kind of person that has their own set of dice or decks of <insert trading card game here>, then those events are for you. If you are certain you want to play in a tournament though, you’ll want to head over to their event sign up now to beat the rush. For those that know they’re on the lookout for a great game, go check out the list of exhibitors here.

SaltCON 2014 will be held in the same place the recent Anime Banzai conventions have been at the Davis Conference Center in Layton. The event area is warm and welcoming with plenty of parking and nearby restaurants. Expect to find local deals at the area Roosters, Corbins, Holy Smokes, Panda Express, Starbucks, Barnes and Noble and more, all within a very short walking distance of the convention center. Anyone who thinks the trip from the South end of the Wasatch front is too far will be happy to know that the Davis Convention Center is connected to a Hilton Garden Inn Hotel with reasonable rates for conference attendees. There’s a great bar connected to the convention center and the hotel that is a fun time for anyone that likes to dance, regardless of if you drink or not. The bar is of course for adults only and you must be 21 years of age or older.

Early registration is still open and will save you $5 bucks off of the day of admission price. If you’ve got a young tike who is 7 years old or younger, you can bring them for free with the purchase of an Adult ticket. There are child tickets for kids between 8-12 and everyone else is counted as an Adult. For more information or to keep up to date on the latest happenings for SaltCON, visit their Facebook Page here or the home page of the con here. Big Shiny Robot will be at the Con and we’ll be more than happy to throw down if you’re the type that likes to challenge. Let us know in the comments below so we’ll bring the appropriate “weapon”. *

Zendobot will have some old school Magic The Gathering decks on him and some Cthulu Dice. Other bots may or may not have games but feel free to visit and let us know how your con experience is going. See you at the Con!