Reaper Launches Second Bones Kickstarter!

Miniature gamers really owe Reaper Miniatures a huge, heartfult wave of thanks. Since launching the Bones miniature line last year, Reaper has ushered in a new era of highly detailed, highly collectible PVC miniatures that cost a mere fraction of what Games Workshop and other companies charge for their figures. Well, they’re at it again: Reaper just launched a Kickstarter to fund wave two, and as of this writting, it’s already made it’s goal in a huge way.

ALL of this for a Hundy?

That’s a TON of miniatures for a hundred bucks, and they still have nearly three weeks to go! If you love miniatures, Role Playing Games, or have a friend (hint hint) with a birthday coming up, head over to the Bones 2 Kickstarter now!