An Interview with K Arsenault Rivera

If you like or even LOVE epic fantasy and you have not read The Tiger’s Daughter, now is the time. The follow up to K Arsenault Rivera’s debut drops this October (The Phoenix Empress) so you have time to catch up. The never-say-die heroines of Shefali and Shizuka are amazing characters, and their love story is rich and fulfilling, made all the more poignant by the adversities they have to overcome along the path of their lives. Rivera is a powerful voice for queer fiction which IMO, is hugely underrepresented. I do believe that new school fiction has become a place where diversity flourishes. I’m talking about novels that have an endings that are, if not happy, at least hopeful. And who, in today’s climate, couldn’t do with a little more of that?

We chat about sword fights, mythology & Chambara films.

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