An Interview with Emily Devenport

I love generational starship stories. In my opinion, I would define this type of fiction as its own genre. For those of you who might not know… A generation ship is an immense, relatively slow-moving spacecraft, also known as an interstellar ark, aboard which many generations would live and die on a voyage between stars. I have thought about how a generation ship would actually work and the problems that the crew would have to solve on the way. Radiation, cooling and closed environmental systems. Not to mention, if the hydraulics ever seize up, the “gravity” is going to go from a smooth downward push into constant jerking motions. Oh yeah, and what happens if there is a ‘worm’ involved? Medusa Uploaded by Emily Devenport is a novel where you will enjoy every page, every mystery.

We chat about finding a balance, Space Cat & writing as an obsession.

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