It is no secret that "Castlevania" and "Metroid" are potentially my favorite games of all time. It is also no secret that metal is the only music choice deemed acceptable. Therefore "Slain" which seems to be the combination of metal and Castlevania has a chance to be the greatest platformer this year. Battling your way through levels with arcade styled combat, this game looks to give us a dark, gory, metal, Metroidvania. You can check the trailer below, provided you're not one of those lame, I don't like to play scary game people, I think "Hello Kitty Island Adventure" has a new game on the way for those types.



In case you don't think this game is metal enough for you, look at the logo below.

That isn't enough for you? Well, the soundtrack is composed by Curt Victor Bryant, formerly of Celtic Frost, check out how metal he is.


If that isn't enough, watch the trailer again and prepare yourself to headbang. You saw the gif at the opening, you know this will be epic.

Sound off below: will you be SLAYING?!

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