WoW and the NBA Collide!

We have a bit of local sports/geek news hitting the interwebs for you folks today!

If you were watching the local news last night here in Utah – where Big Shiny Robot’s “home base” is located – you may have seen a picture of this:

That is Utah Jazz small-forward Andrei Kirilenko’s new tattoo. According to the local media it is a depiction of Kirilenko’s World of Warcraft character – a level-80 Paladin, riding a dragon.


So, I guess for the twelve people out there who have been thinking to themselves, “Boy, I wish somehow my love for the NBA and my love for WoW would somehow collide!”, here you go . . . I guess. Way to go Kirilenko, nothing says “bad ass” as you go up for a rebound like a giant tattoo depicting your fantasy character from a video game associated with 40-year-old recluses who lock themselves in their mother’s basement desperately trying to disassociate with the real world and aren’t exactly known for their athletic prowess (relax WoW players, it’s a joke.).

I know, “This is a geek-oriented website, shouldn’t you guys be all about this?!” No. I am one of those particular (and rare?) types of geeks who you will find reading the latest issue of Amazing Spider-Man while watching the Jazz loseplay the Lakers on TV. This is just bizarre and really bothersome to me for some reason. Perhaps it’s because it’s causing a conflict with the two versions of Arse-bot that coexist within the same metallic body, and my collective thought process can’t sort out exactly why I/they hate this? Either way, as a Jazz fan, I’ve never been a fan of “AK” and I believe his contract is up, so I hope this dude takes his expensive homage to a lame-ass fantasy game to a different city next year.

Update: On our Facebook fan page, Mr. Benny Wallace was kind enough to point out that this piece was done by Vic Back from Painted Temple Tattoo & Art Gallery. Despite my personal feelings on the subject, there’s no denying this is a very well done tattoo.

Source: City Weekly

While Arse-bot’s geek side and sports side try to come to an agreement on exactly why they hate this and can form a coherent argument as to why, sound off with your thoughts in the comments below!