Skyshine Games Kickstarts “Bedlam”

Remember playing “Oregon Trail” during computer days in elementary school? Remember Chuckling after the family member named after one of your friends got dysentery and perished? In many ways, “Oregon Trail” was the progenitor of the rogue-like genre that is enjoying so much success among game developers. Its influence—among that of several other great games—is definitely present in “Bedlam,” a new game that’s (hopefully) coming at us from Skyshine Games, an indie game development team based out of Austin, TX.

“Bedlam” puts players in charge of the Mechanic, a mysterious adventurer who has been tasked with piloting a gigantic, armored vehicle known as the Dozer across the post-apocalyptic land of Bedlam. From the information on Skyshine’s Kickstarter page, the player will load up on supplies and a well-rounded crew in order to navigate their way into the chaotic landscape in search of fortune and glory.

Built with the same engine that made “The Banner Saga,” “Bedlam” looks gorgeous—almost like a Saturday morning cartoon that you’d like to watch as an adult. In addition to the unique graphics, the game looks like it incorporates some of the things that I love about games like “FTL” and “XCOM: UFO Defense.” As I’m one who derives tons of satisfaction from investing resources into expanding a base of operations, this is very good news. The game’s combat scenarios are turn-based, and once your squadmates have been shot to death or eaten by mutants, that’s all she wrote. 

Take a look at Skyshine’s Kickstarter page for more info.