Sega gets Hacked!

In “Holy crap, I didn’t know Sega was even still a company” news, the Sega Corp. announced on Sunday that information of 1.3 million of their users was stolen from their database.

Just like what happened to Sony last month (though on a MUCH smaller scale) the company wants to assure their users that although personal information (like names and birth dates) had been compromised, payment data (like credit card numbers) were safe. For the time being, Sega Pass has been shut down until the company can recover the lost data.

I think the real news here is that Sega is still around. My first reaction was “What? Really?”, but apparently instead of making super awesome consoles like the Sega Genesis, Sega Corp decided to “restructure” in early 2001 and deal exclusively with software development and arcade development. Also, according to the Sega Wikipedia page:

“Sega has also expanded into the previously largely unaddressed market for interactive urinals with the release of the Toylet, a system that allows players to control a series of games using their urine to control the on-screen action”

Freaking awesome. Keep up the good work, boys!