GAME REVIEW: Wolfenstein



It’s time to walk back to a younger robot, a me that is 8… sitting at grandma’s on her old pc rockin windows 3.1.  I see a button and think,  “What is this Wolfenstein? Should I click it?…. I think I will… ” Moments later (and by moments I mean about 8 minutes, its windows 3.1 for hell’s sake) I’m dragged into a world of Nazi’s, pixelated gore, confusing voice overs, and I love it. I could play Wolfenstein all day long!  And i’m pretty sure at that point I did.  Now lets fast foward to a teenage Zombietron, I’m browsing an independent pc store, and to show off the latest graphics cards.. Return to Castle Wolfenstein.. and at that moment, I wanted my own pc so bad i almost cried.  Let’s fast forward to now. Wolfenstein for xb360, ps3, pc.  I snuck my copy and began playing with enough excitement to make the girlfriend think I’ve lost my mind.  And… well its a shooter. I’m hoping I haven’t let the childhood dreams of the original Wolfenstein cloud  my judgement.  But as I began blasting through waves of Nazi soldiers, I slowly realized that Wolfenstein like most shooters, is simply that, a shooter.  With the nostalgia behind it of course I will always hold it in higher esteem than say..Call of Duty World at War, Jericho, Area 51, but in the simplicity that is Wolfenstein there are some fantastic qualities I greatly enjoyed.  If you shoot a soldier in the neck, blood begins spurting out of his neck,and he tries to stop the bleeding with his hands…. awesome.  The soldiers still seem to yell ridiculous things as you go after them, and sometimes I found my self sadistically shooting them in odd places if only to hear what theyd say or for the reaction.

The free upgrade money I received for getting achievements on WOLF3d from the Xbox Live arcade was well worth it too. In all Wolfenstein is a great shooter, It’s not a life-changer, or a miracle-maker.  But its a solid title for any shooter enthusiast.


  • Graphics/Visuals 8/10
  • Replay –    6/10
  • Sound/ – 7/10
  • Nostalgic Value and throwbacks – 10/10
  • Keep my gaming ADD under wraps – 5/10
  • Overall Review 7/10