Out this week in games: 4/4-4/10

Here’s the weeks releases, mostly DLC. But good DLC!

Release: 4/6 Price: 19.99

For those who don’t wanna wait for a download, get Mad Moxy and The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned on a disc!

Release: 4/6 Price:$7

New DLC for Bioware’s Mass Effect 2

Game N. Watch Manhole for DSI Shop
Game N Watch Helmet for DSI Shop
Game N Watch Vermin for DSI Shop.
Mr. DRILLER: Drill Till You Drop takes the classic gameplay of the Mr. DRILLER series and enhances it with six unique playable characters, over 40 stages, multiple modes, and dual-screen action. Available on the DSI Shop.

Release: April 8th Price:19.99

Yup, Satisfashion…it’s gonne be satisfashiony….