An Interview with Ska Studios

With Charlie Murder and Dishwasher, Ska Studio’s proved that 1) they know how to make their own brand of games that doesn’t rely on ‘coat tail riding’ to be good and 2) the kind of gritty/noir/metal look that other dark medieval-ish action role-playing games evoke is already their staple aesthetic. The metroidvania-lover-in-me-waxing-nostalgia coupled with my avid enjoyment of Bloodborne couldn’t keep me away from Salt And Sanctuary.

Some might dismiss Salt And Sanctuary as simply a Dark Souls clone but there are enough differences here that make it not only worthwhile but It’s a clever and well-polished homage that has it’s own identity and feel. I mean, a lot of people consider Dark Souls to be what Castlevania could have been moving to 3-D. Salt and Sanctuary is really just taking some of the components of Souls and putting it back in the 2-D platformer framework.

We got a chance to speak to Michelle Silva & James Silva at PAX West about the Switch version of Salt And Sanctuary, SKA music & Independent video game development.

To listen to the full interview click here:


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