An interview with House House / Untitled Goose Game

What is Untitled Goose Game? Goat Simulator but with a goose? Hitman with a goose? OR … A clever mix of stealthy heist shenanigans and player-created slapstick humor where you, as a meddlesome goose, has a long list of havoc to unleash. I want to be a horrible goose!

Every mainstream stealth game I can think off – Metal Gear Solid, Splinter Cell, Dishonored – gives you the tools to beat the game non-lethally right off the bat. Untitled Goose Game looks to take this to the next level. Use your goose-like stealth and avoid violence/conflict with the Gardener or perhaps slit his throat? (Kidding, well maybe) And if you think for one minute that this is propaganda designed to humanize geese, after playing through the demo at PAX WEST 2018 we can tell you, dear readers that the goose is accurately depicted as a villain. The game is still set for release in early 2019.

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