Interview with Don Bellenger about Black Future ’88

I’m fairly certain the Black Future ’88 was made just for me since it’s everything I love. A rougelike action platformer filled with pitch perfect pixel art, delectable synth music, and neon-steeped cyberpunk aesthetic. For the brief time I had playing this at PAX WEST 2018, I’d throw down money for the soundtrack alone. Sidenote: the games structure is based off the soundtrack Bellenger composed for it. I wouldn’t say that Black Future ’88 is a story heavy game. Set in an alternate version of 1988, you have 18 minutes to fight your way up multiple floors of a procedural sentient tower. AND…you need to reach the top before your heart explodes. Some might say there is an over saturation of media with a serious eighties bent. Others might think that this type of laser light show could be used as a gimmick. However, running and gunning through the demo at PAX, I could feel that Bellenger wants to maximize the enjoyment players can get out of a passion project that he poured blood, sweat, and tears into. Also, If it’s good enough to play for 18 minutes, it’s good enough to play much much longer. Don’t forget to wishlist this on steam and be sure to hit up the Black Future ’88 to be notified on when this one drops

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