Interview with Andrew Marsh of Mega Cat Studios

The Sega Genesis was the best console of the 16-bit era. I had an NES before it, but the Genesis was years ahead of its time. I mean, nothing sounds like it. I always thought the Genesis chip gave everything a nice edge. The developers could really make it sing and did amazing things with it. Many of these early consoles perfected what was started in the previous era and supercharged the established series of games. Most games on the system were a great balance of challenge and fun factor, not holding the players hand and not holding the player hostage to endless cut scenes. There was technical showmanship but technical limitations kept things from going too indulgent. Looking back on the Genesis game library as a whole, there really was something for everyone. What if there were devs in 2018 and beyond … who decided to bring brand-new titles, made specifically for the Sega Genesis, to market? That would be pretty fresh, right

Little Medusa is an action adventure puzzle game from Mega Cat Studios, developer and publisher of new retro-inspired games on old school consoles. You read that correct. They make physical games. Cartridges. NEW games. We had a chance to get our hands on Little Medusa at PAX West 2018. It felt like a remix of the NES classic Kickle Cubicle and Adventures of Lolo. The game is rather addicting if you enjoy puzzlers and It’s fascinating to see developers bringing modern game design sensibilities to retro hardware platforms. You can pick up Little Medusa for SNES, NES, and Genesis from the official Mega Cat Studios site:

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