The Explorer Academy Adventures Continue

National Geographic has always been a trusted name in education and entertainment. They’re practically synonymous with exploration and providing a window into other parts of the world, especially for kids. That’s why it was such a pleasant surprise when they decided to break into the world of fiction with the Explorer Academy book series.

Explorer Academy takes everything you know and love about National Geographic: the sense of adventure and easily consumable education, and puts it into a fictional framework. When Cruz ships off to an elite academy focused on training the next generation of great explorers, he knows he’s in for a big adventure, he just doesn’t know how big.

The first book introduces readers to a cast of characters and fantastic future technology, based on real-world research.

Each element of the book is grounded in reality so, while there are some fantastical elements, you can always lean back on actual science. This makes Explorer Academy the perfect series to read with children to spark conversations about actual scientific fields.

But it’s not just a text book. For juicy bit of factual information there are a dozen moments of pure, thrill-seeking adventure. The saga continues with the third installment, Adventure Academy: the Double Helix, available wherever fine books are sold.