Spartacus: War of the Damned to Debut in January

The famous gladiator Spartacus returns to the arena on January 25 on the Starz network at 9 PM EST/PST.

The final installment pits Spartacus and his legion of rebels against the Romans and a new enemy named Marcus Crassus.  Crassus is a different kind of enemy that examines Spartacus’ tactics and even admires him to some degree.

He’s no Claudius Glaber, full of hubris and a feeling of invincibility.  No, Crassus is someone who can make things go very badly for the rebels, and no one will get out of this war unscathed.

But Spartacus is smart and strategic, and his only goal is defeating the Romans.  With two very smart and focused men at war with each other, with armies following them, how much blood will be shed?  (A LOT, if this season is at all like the previous ones.)  And I mean that.  Rivers of blood have poured on the sets of this show. Oceans, in fact.

I for one can’t wait until the new season premieres.