Jason Mewes To Appear in CW’s ‘The Flash’

Fans of the View Askewniverse and the DC Comics television universe, rejoice. The time has come. The beacons are lit. Klaatu barada nikto. Kevin Smith recently finished a stint as director of the popular CW series “The Flash” and has confirmed on a recent episode of his podcast “Hollywood Babble-On” that the writers wrote in a role for his frequent partner in crime and hetero life mate, Jason Mewes. 

Mewes originally tagged along to play assistant to Kevin Smith and to gawk at the sets, being a fan of what DC is doing on television, reportedly when Smith saw that Mewes had been written into the script he responded with, “Are you shitting me? Because his fucking head will explode if I tell him that he’s going to be on a CW show, that he’s going to live on the CW.”

Smith confirmed that Mewes is present in two scenes of the upcoming episode, one is a speaking role and the other is behind a mask in a crowd. Mewes also reportedly cried after the final scene was shot, something Smith had only seen him do at the recent birth of his child. 

Considering Mewes long history with addiction, it’s good to see that sobriety has offered him the opportunity to fulfill dreams, to have a child, to be a part of a universe he loves, to weep like a little bitch with a skinned knee. 

Smith’s DC TV directorial stint will air at the end of April on the CW.