Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome Finally Coming!

BSG: Blood and Chrome will finally be coming to us after being in limbo for so long. Originally shot for Syfy they shelved the project from airing on TV. Then the idea was tossed around that it would be a digital only series. Eventually a trailer was leaked set to Trent Reznor’s cover of Led Zeppelin’s “The Immigrant Song,” which got people excited for something that we weren’t sure was even going to be seen. Well now thanks to the folks at Machinima and their Youtube channel we’ll get to see it. Go to their Youtube channel this Friday, November 9th to see young William Adama fight Cylons for the first time aboard the Galactica! I don’t know if they are going to release it in parts or all at once. My money is on releasing it a little at a time. Here is the trailer announcing them on Machinima, and below it will be the original leaked trailer just cause it’s too badass not to watch again!