The Wizeguy: Not A Hero

The Mandalorians are known throughout the far, far away galaxy as warriors of legend. The arguments about how shocking it is that the Mando kills people(?) makes me think maybe Lucas had good reason to mess with the Han and Greedo shoot out after all.

Look, we’re only four episodes into a series here folks. Seems from what few flashbacks we were given, the Mando has been just surviving for most of his life, not living. Survival in this neck of the galaxy means staying in kill-or-be-killed mode all the time. So you kill a fleeing enemy to make sure he can’t sneak up on you later. You disintegrate thieves so they can’t steal from you again. You don’t ask questions about jobs that are going to put food in your belly – or fully kit out your life saving armor.

In the episode, The Child, the Jawas stripped the Mandalorians ship down to an unusable hunk of junk and left him to potentially die alone on a pretty inhospitable planet.

You know what Jawas are, right? Those meter-tall junk flipping dirt bag shitsacks from the original Star Wars.

Now, why some people are confused that when provoked a Mandalorian would swat these Jawas like the pests that they are is beyond me. He’s a bounty hunter and he exacted some revenge. It’d be effed up if he didn’t disintegrate a few of those little bastards. The casual murder fits in with the Mandalorians character as a bounty hunter: ruthless, violent in his problem-solving. His character was firmly established when he splinched that Quarren in the cantina doorway for touching his armor. I’ve had 40 years of Jedi goody goodness, I’m ready to see a beskar adorned badass teach these jokers what happens when they violate a Mando’s personal space.

I, for one, am happy the Mandalorian kills those who get in his way. In a million-planet trillion-plus citizen galaxy, life is either inherently super sacred, or it’s cheap as shit. And if life is cheap in your galaxy, don’t throw rocks at the one asshole on the planet who’s walking around in full body armor all day, who carries a Amban phase-pulse blaster, whose religion involves weapons, and probably the use of these weapons.

In the old west, stealing a man’s horse was the same as sentencing him to die. In the Star Wars ‘verse, stealing a man’s ship and leaving him stranded in a desert filled with carnivorous monsters is the same. It isn’t like jacking someone’s stereo or keying their car.

The Jawas didn’t seem overly upset about it when the Mandolorian catches up to them with Kuiil. Maybe Jawas value their lives far less than other sentient species. Or maybe, just by coincidence and/or dumb luck, the Mando only killed the members of that clan that no one liked. He only disintegrated Phil, Steve, and Howie. They were assholes, anyway. It’s also worth noting that Kuiil was totally fine with him killing everyone and everything to bring “peace” to his valley. “You’ll make quick work of it,” he said. That’s some cold shit. But hey, at least the survivors got to go crazy with their egg. That must be some seriously delicious yoke.


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