Star Wars Celebration VII – Battlefront Release Trailer and Exclusives!

The upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront title from developer DICE (of EA) is here in full force this Celebration, and I’m on the ground to make sure you get the latest updates. As a long time gamer and die hard Star Wars fan, I’ve been waiting for this trailer and announcement a long time, so I’ll be sure to update this article all day with all the on-site content and announcements!

Coming to us with a release date of November 17th this year for PS4, PC and Xbox One, fans will be overjoyed to know that the next game in the Battlefront IP will take place between ‘Return of the Jedi’ and the next movie, ‘The Force Awakens.’  It’s exciting to imagine the possibilities that exist in almost thirty years betweeen the two movies! In addition to the main game, a patch will ship on December 1st (for pre-orders) and December 8th (non-pre-orders) that takes place right after the victory of the Alliance in the Battle of Endor. This “Battle of Jakku,” will give us the chance to be a part of a “pivotal moment” as the Rebel Alliance clashes with Imperial holdouts. Even more awesome is that, “These events lead up to that massive wrecked Star Destroyer that you saw in the trailer for ‘The Force Awakens!’ Excuse me for a moment while I faint from excitement…

DICE Design Director Niklas Fegreaus had us all jumping in our seats, and then we were told that on Friday morning the trailer will be broadcast around the world for the first time! You can watch The panel here with the rest of us, and I’ll be back with more updates (as well as info about DICE’s booth here on the Expo Floor) soon!