Begun ‘Star Wars: Forces of Destiny’ Has

Star Wars: Forces of Destiny is a new show that will begin airing shorts on YouTube. The first of which was released today. Each of these 16 episodes will feature female characters from Star Wars with many of the original voice talents reprising their roles. In this episode, we see Daisy Ridley come back as Rey and show us a new wrinkle in her journey to get BB-8 to Niima Outpost.

These shorts are canon, though in the 2D space they occupy, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were a little embellished. At the very least, they’re a version of a story.

And the animation is fun and light and really minimalist, which is a breath of fresh air.

It’s fascinating to me to see Star Wars bringing A-level content to debut on YouTube. While the episodes will end up airing on Disney channels, YouTube is where you see it first. And it makes a lot of sense. My kids watch a lot of YouTube and that’s where most of their viewing is, to be honest. Whether those are videos about shapes and colors and Sesame Street shorts for my two-year-old or Minecraft and Five Nights At Freddies videos for my teenager, YouTube is the first place they go for content. Then Netflix. Then Amazon Prime. TV is literally the last place they go for new content, so this move isn’t surprising at all.

We’ll post new episodes as they become available.

In the meantime, enjoy this one!