‘Who Virgin’ Ep 10: “The Devil’s in the Decennial”

We’re sorry we’re late. Very very very very late. Andy moved this/last week. And Mother’s Day.

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Why we love Target.

Legends of Tomorrow casting — Arthur Darvill!! We deserve Constantine getting cancelled. Brandon Routh needs to get small. Agent Carter gets renewed!

Everyone go listen to Two Feminist Moms podcast — Brooke’s question on how to watch Doctor Who?

“The Idiot’s Lantern” – It’s so meta. We liked the bit with the family. The plot was ripped off of Aqua Teen Hunger Force.  Is the sonic screwdriver a crutch?

“The Impossible Planet”/”The Satan Pit” – We get freaked out by the devil monster and the Ood. Rose gets to be a badass. It’s cool when the Doctor is surprised or has to change his views. Science vs. myth. Is it ethical to have a slave race? If a woman chooses to wear a burqa or otherwise cover their bodies, is that ethical? Is it ok that Andy doesn’t drink? The ethics of Ex Machina.

Mad Max: Fury Road. Andy’s review here. Why we love the Alamo Drafthouse. There’s not a lot of plot or dialogue– it’s a 2 hour chase scene. It’s like seeing Elliot and ET fly across the moon.

We’re prophets about Avengers 2: Age of Ultron. Black Widow replaced by Cap in a toy of her best scene. Mark and his daughter can’t find Black Widow toys.  We swear. We were totally wrong about who FemThor was. Sony leaks email about female led superhero movies. We need more women screenwriters. . . but Andy has a great idea for a Black Widow movie. . .he’s ok with Kelly Sue DeConnick writing his movie. We love Mark Ruffalo. We’re almost exclusively a feminism podcast now.

And if you wanted to watch the livestream of the episode, including all the stuff we say in between cuts, and you can see Mark playing with the Google Hangout costumes, watch that here: