Ryan Lamb on ‘Children of War’


The crew at Entertainment Is Dead sat down with Shadowforge LLC CEO Ryan Lamb Thursday night to talk about his new game which is on Kickstarter. “Children of War: Blood and Snow” is an isometric dungeon crawler that aims to redefine how you look at skill trees and level your character. Lamb and his small development team have set a goal of $50,000 which will help them finish the game near their target date of December 2015. While the Kickstarter Page has quite a bit of information on the project this interview goes beyond the surface level information of development and has the crew on the edge of their seats. You can check the project out here, and are able to donate as little as $10, however, we recommend fronting at least $20.00 to receive a copy of the game which you will play into the ground. From the 20 km x 20 km map to the spring physics combat this game aims to make your PC dreams come true, check out the interview above and feel free to donate.