Big Shiny Podcast! – Episode 40

This episode features: LanceTysonTom, Jimmy, Randall, Steve, Jacob, and Vance!  

For you listeners of the Big Shiny Podcast!, you know you can expect three episodes every month from the usual cast of vulgar geeks: one covering TV, Movies, and Geek News, another dedicated to Comics and Collectibles, and a third focused on Video Games. Coming into 2015, we really wanted to give you the best we can offer on each of these geeky topics, so the Big Shiny Podcast! and the Entertainment is Dead Podcast have teamed up and taken over the Video Games episode to bring you all of the latest in video game news, peppered with our unique brand of commentary and personal anecdotes.

For you, our wonderful listeners, nothing will change in how you consume our podcast. The video game-centric episode will still drop into your iTunes or Stitcher feed once a month, but now you can expect a mash-up cast comprised of BSPC and EID regulars bringing the goods to your earholes! So check out the new format, let us know what you think, and be sure to check out our awesome friends over at Entertainment is Dead!

Topic: Video Games


  • The casts personal “jerk moments” in video games
  • What we’re playing
  • Video Game News

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