PAX PRIME: Little Big Planet Karting

Little Big Planet Karting is the ultimate mash-up. Not between a Karting video game and the world of LBP but fusion between ModNation Racers and everything Little Big Planet. As a kid brought up with Mario Kart, my bias will likely lie with its accessible control style forever, and I honestly never spent enough time with ModNation for the handling and gameplay to become as second-natured. LBP Karting feels a lot like ModNation Racers, and it makes sense. Media Molecule is working alongside of United Front Line Games who developed (you guessed it) ModNation. LBP Karting brandishes the proverbial kart racer standards with dynamic visuals, fast and slaphappy gameplay, and items all around. However, this is a different beast.

I was told that each and every level from the single-player campaign was put together using the very same in-game tools given to players. Nothing used by the developers has been held back, and this beefy construction structure encourages the uber-creative to do what they do best: make spectacular tracks and share them with the world. Those willing to dedicate their time to building playgrounds for others will find this a true playground.

The ‘game’ side of the package looks to be a competitive racer. Again I was told there are far more game modes designed around the base mechanic to keep a good deal of variety throughout the main game. It all works into a series of events, tied together by cut scenes that add a charming LBP story, which should extend the appeal of the game beyond the typical racing fans.

This doesn’t seem to be a cash-in, slapping a popular brand on an existing product for profit, but a fun game with robust editing tools that the whole family can enjoy. Coming to Playstation 3 on November 6th.