NEWS: Cookie Monster Arrested for Pushing Little Boy

First, Cookie Monster is forced to call cookies a sometime food, and now he’s been arrested.  Poor Cookie Monster.

According to New York Daily News, Osvaldo Quiroz-Lopez allegedly pushed a 2-year-old boy in Times Square.  As a Cookie Monster impersonator, he wanders the Manhattan tourist spot and poses for pictures.  Tips are appreciated and, in many cases, expected.

In this instance, 2-year-old Samay Katkar of Stamford, Connecticut posed for a picture and then the man dressed as a Sesame Street icon demanded $2.  The boy’s mother, Bollywood actress Parmita Katkar and former Miss India Asia Pacific, said she didn’t have any cash on her.  Then, the impersonator allegedly pushed the boy.

The boy will forever be traumatized by this incident with the lovable blue monster. “All day he kept saying ‘I don’t like Cookie Monster! I don’t like Cookie Monster!” his mother reports.  “I was getting scared. I thought he was going to attack me or he was going to hit me.”

Police have charged the 33-year-old with assault and endangering the welfare of a child.  He was arrested Sunday, and a Manhattan judge set his bail at $1,000 on Monday.

J is for jail, Cookie Monster, and I doubt the cookies are very tasty in jail.