What the Spider-Man MCU News Means for Ghostbusters

Marvel’s Cinematic Universe and Sony are teaming up for the next iteration of Spider-Man. This includes an appearance in an upcoming film, and a solo film in 2017. Sony will retain creative control of the character, but will be working closely with Kevin Feige, AKA the God of the MCU. The part of Peter Parker and Spider-Man will be recast. No word on if the solo film will be an origin film. My guess is no.

Ghostbusters has gotten as close to green lit as it has ever been. Paul Feig is set to direct, Katie Dippold is writing the screenplay, and Ivan Reitman is producing. Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones are currently under contract negotiations to star in the film. All of this could change very quickly and dramatically, as any Ghostbusters fan following the sequels timeline back through the 1990’s. 

We also know that five days ago, Amy Pascal stepped down as co-chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment. Part of her agreement included her becoming a producer for the “Ghostbusters” film, as well as the future of the Spider-Man films.

During the Sony email leaks that helped lead to Amy Pascal stepping down, we found out about a lot of exciting stuff in the works from Sony. Many had assumed these plans would be changed now that they were out in the open. We all assumed these leaks would be a window into an awesome alternate universe we would never see again but, that hasn’t been the case.

The all female Ghostbusters cast leak has proven to be the direction the studio is going with. At least currently. The talks of Spider-Man coming to the MCU while Sony retains creative control over the solo films has also come true. Both of these things have involved Pascal’s emails, and both series she now has a heavy hand in. 

Found in the December email leaks, Channing Tatum had emailed Amy Pascal discussing a Ghostbusters film starring himself and Chris Pratt. My prediction, I think the Chris Pratt and Channing Tatum Ghostbusters flick may still be in the works as a spin-off film.

Here’s hoping that email leak follows suit of the others. There are obviously a lot of cogs to line up for it to happen, but how great would it be?