Want to see ‘Snowden’ with Edward Snowden?

This week we’re going to get one of the most interesting films I expect to see in the next several months. Always controversial director Oliver Stone teams up with the amazingly talented Joseph Gordon-Levitt to take on the story of Edward Snowden.

Depending on your take on Snowden, he’s either a patriot and a freedom fighter or an alt right douchebag traitor. I certainly have my own opinions of him. While the film seems to be taking the more hagiographic route with Snowden, it will be interesting to see what choices Stone makes here.

If you’re as intrigued by Snowden as a person as you are with the film itself, Fathom Events will present an exclusive early look at the film Wednesday September 14. The screening includes a live broadcast from Moscow where Stone will sit down with Snowden himself.

Given the controversy the film has already created (Did the studios really pass on it because of the subject matter and a collusion between major media companies and the US government? Or is it because it’s a giant turd of a movie? Oh, Oliver Stone. . . .) I have to have to have to see this soon, and the sooner the better. In fact, I recently named it one of the films I’m most excited for in the rest of 2016.  

On top of my excitement, Fathom has really been knocking it out of the park recently, with nostalgia screenings of cult classics like The Neverending Story, The Iron Giant, and Labyrinth. They also presented a big screen showing of Batman: The Killing Joke which was probably the best Batman movie I saw in a theater all year.

This promises to be something you don’t want to miss if you’re at all interested in the subject matter. If you can’t make it, be sure to watch Thursday for my review of Snowden and the livestream, as I’ll be attending here in Austin (see you in the theater?). You can also hear Adam and I review it on next week’s Bored as Hell Podcast.